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Infographics: How a bill becomes a law

Info graphics

Designed infographics on ‘How a bill becomes a law’. I used Adobe Illustrator CS-6 to create the graphics. Below is the text, the info graphics is based on.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

A bill is introduced in either of the two houses of Congress: the House of
Representatives or the Senate. The bill is referred to a committee. If approved,
it’s debated and voted upon by the entire house. If the house does not approve
the bill, they can either send it back to the committee it came from or abandon
it. If the bill is approved, it goes to the other house where the same process is
repeated. If the bill is approved by the other house, it goes to the President. If
the President signs it, it becomes law. The President has the option to veto the
bill and send it back to Congress. Both houses of Congress then have three
• They can change the bill so it is more to the President’s liking;
• They can agree that the bill will never be passed and let it go;
• They can vote to override the President’s veto.

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