Just wondering how “clean” the finished article would be.

Vector image is a very sharp image. It can be enlarged to any size without losing its sharpness. You can use it to cut it in vinyl, for screen print, car wrap, window graphics. This is widely used file format.

What’s the turn around time?

Most of the work is delivered within 48 hours. Same day service is available upon request. You can reach us 516-643-2935.

How are payments handled?

All major credit cards are accepted through the secure servers of PAYPAL. Focuscomm Inc. is a Paypal verified company.

Why should we choose you to do the job?

We have 15+ years of experience using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. We have been serving marketing, promotional, T-shirt design and screen printing, embroidery and graphics design industry for years. Our rates are very competitive, the work and turn around is excellent, just check the testimonials to see what our customers say about our service.

Are there any softwares which can be used to convert the raster files to vector files?

You can use Adobe Illustrator, Streamline, Corel Draw for auto vector conversion, but the results are not perfect. The circles and curves are not upto the standard. The best way to get a vector conversion is to trace it using PEN tool. We use Adobe Illustrator with Wacom tablet which are industry standard software and hardware to trace bitmap image into a vector artwork.

What kind files do you accept?

We accept tif, jpeg, jpg, gif, png. Faxed and scanned documents are accepted also.

How many revisions can I have?

As many as you need within reason. Most of the artworks are approved in first attempt. It's a mechanical work with expert level skills using Adobe Illustrator.

How will I receive my files?

As the job is complete, we email you the finished vector based artwork directly. If the file is too big to email, then we upload the file on our server, notify you with the download instructions. If requested we can mail you the artwork on DVD. But mostly vector files are very small in size and easily exchanged by regular email.

I have more than one file to upload. How can I do it?

Zip the multiple files into one archive. and upload the archive.

Why should I convert my logo from jpg to a vector format?

You have to give your artwork in a vector format to reproduce for engraving, vinyl cutting, screen printing, embroidery. Vector file can be used to export the artwork in tiff, png, eps, jpg, wmf, pdf and many other formats.

Vector artwork is scalable, you can make it as large as needed and the output is always sharp. Because the area is not filled with pixels, it is calculated by mathematical expressions.

I still have a question?

Send us an email or call 516-643-2935.

I don’t know how to use it in the formats you sent it in.

Do not use png or jpg file for business card or any printing, it will result in a blurry printing. Use pdf or eps for printing. For websites or any online material, use png, gif or jpeg file.

How do I open the PNG and EPS files?

You need Adobe Illustrator or other graphic design software to open EPS. But you can can open pdf file using PDF reader.
To open Png file follow below steps,

1. Open your browser (Firefox or Chrome)
2. Go to File top menu, and click on open file
3. Navigate to the png file and hit open.

I need transparent background for my logo.

Eps and pdf format do not support transparent background. You have to place the artwork in IN-Design or Quark and choose options to background set to none. Gif and Png formats, the transparency is supported, it's good for online use.

How can I change the color of my logo in future

Using Adobe Illustrator is the Best way to change the color. Because then the image is still vector and can be enlarged to your needs. In Photoshop, if you raster the image then you can not enlarge. But you can place the image as a vector in Photoshop, still you will need illustrator to change the color.

For t-shirt or any apparel, you give vector art in black and tell printer what color you want to print. They need only black artwork to make screen, they choose the ink color when the print or use Pantone solid colors.

For digital print you will need color image, because here it's like printing a photograph.

I have a couple of SVG files of this picture but there are “too” many points

Automated filters going to create numerous points. Too many points will require cnc machine to lift the engraver tool at each point which is not acceptable. We create the artwork manually tracing. The shape is precise and created using only minimum necessary points.

What is vector art?

Vector files define a graphic by using mathematical algorithms, which allow the image to be scaled or modified without loss of image quality or resolution. When your artwork or logo is in a vectored format ( .ai  .eps .pdf), it allows you to increase or decrease the size of the graphic without compromising the integrity of the original image. The end result is a crisp, clear, and readable image no matter what the final output or size! Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw and Freehand are the most popular and industry standard softwares to create vector artwork.

Why you gave me higher price for my logo when on front page price is $13 – $35?

We hand trace logos and graphics with Illustrator and Wacom tablet. It takes time. Every work is different and time it takes to clean up depends on the complexity of the design. The price we quote can not be same for all the artworks.

Logos and graphics can be auto traced also but the quality deteriorates. This would take perhaps 5 minutes, therefoe the price is very low. We do not do this.