Logo Clean Up: We turn bad artwork into a sharp and print ready EPS VECTOR file!

  • Before-Tshirt Design
    After-Tshirt Design
    Before Tshirt Design After
  • Before-Faxed Logo
    After-Faxed Logo
    Before Faxed Logo After
  • Before-Knights Plumbing Logo
    After-Knights Plumbing Logo
    Before Knights Plumbing Logo After
  • Before-Team Logo
    After-Team Logo
    Before Team Logo After

Send the File

  • Send us the file. Do you have bad artwork that can’t be used for reproduction? Let us take care of it, just send us the file.

Approve the Quote

  • We email you the quote. You get a quote and PayPal invoice, usually within an hour, with a link to make a secure PayPal payment. Most of the logo clean-up jobs are between $ $18 – $40. Prices depend on the complexity the job.

Get the Vectorized Artwork. Fast

  • Fast turn around. You’ll get the vector artwork in eps, pdf format, plus a jpeg file for quick review, usually within 24-42 hours. Simple as that.

What is Vector Artwork?

vector art
jpeg picture for illustration purpose
Vector files define a graphic by using mathematical algorithms, which allow the image to be scaled or modified without loss of image quality or resolution. When your artwork or logo is in a vectored format ( .ai .eps .pdf ), it allows you to increase or decrease the size of the graphic without compromising the integrity of the original image. The end result is a crisp, clear, and readable image no matter what the final output or size! Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw and Freehand are the most popular and industry standard softwares to create vector artwork. Read More FAQs

john moroz
Here is my customer’s response: YA HOO! That’s what I’m TALKING ABOUT! I like it a lot. Great job. I am excited and very happy with the design. Thanks for the hard work.

John Moroz Pinepress Printing, Lexington South Carolina November 20, 2013

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