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Infographics: How a bill becomes a law

Info graphics
Designed infographics on ‘How a bill becomes a law’. I used Adobe Illustrator CS-6 to create the graphics. Below is the text, the info graphics is based on.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

A bill is introduced in either of the two houses of Congress: the House of
Representatives or the Senate. The bill is referred to a committee. If approved,
it’s debated and voted upon by the entire house. If the house does not approve
the bill, they can either send it back to the committee it came from or abandon
it. If the bill is approved, it goes to the other house where the same process is
repeated. If the bill is approved by the other house, it goes to the President. If
the President signs it, it becomes law. The President has the option to veto the
bill and send it back to Congress. Both houses of Congress then have three
• They can change the bill so it is more to the President’s liking;
• They can agree that the bill will never be passed and let it go;
• They can vote to override the President’s veto.

3-D Text effect in Photoshop

3-d text Photoshop Completed Magazine CoverThe editor wanted to try something different than laying out gray looking products in boxes for the product review supplement. The idea of experimenting  robot from those products popped up. I was apprehensive first but gave it my best shot. Now, it’s been nine years since 2004 that  we are designing robots with different themes which is either based on a popular TV show, movie or an event for the product supplement. The robottheme has become unique  brand identity for the Product Buyers Guide.
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Why to convert artwork to vector?

Vector artwork

Vector artwork

Vector art is best suited for printing. The vector art is made from a series of mathematical curves, it prints very sharp, and is scalable to any size. The logo you created for business card, can be enlarged to a big billboard and still it looks as sharp as it was on a business card.

Raster images (jpg, tiff, png, gif etc.) are dependent on the resolution. If the artwork enlarged beyond the required ppi/dpi, it looks blurry and pixelated. For printing required resolution of the file is 270 dpi to 300 dpi.

raster artwork

Raster file enlarged

For website (on laptop or desktop computer) you need 72PPI, tablets support higher PPI. SVG is a scalable format for web but it’s still not widely supported all the browsers.

Converting jpeg to camera ready vector artwork

This is one of the techniques I use to make editorial illustrations. To clean up a logo or convert any jpg image to a sharp vector artwork, more or less the same technique is used.  or It needs drawing ability and full control over the path tools in Adobe Illustrator.
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